yoga at home

A few weeks before I left for my Eurotrip, I was in such a hurry getting things done that I had no time for yoga. I think I was able to only take one or two classes the month before I left. When I got to Portugal, I was walking so much that I’d come home from the day’s adventure and stretch my legs because they felt so sore. I have this tendency to just walk and not stop until I finally do and feel the whole day in every fibre of my muscles and realised that I wasn’t being kind to myself.

I missed yoga. I missed my practice.

I got back to Manila and since I’ve spent so much money, it just seems impractical to go and spend for yoga classes back in the studio. I have bills and a credit card debt to pay back. I’m not regretting any of it. It’s how it is and it’s the cost of such an experience that is absolutely priceless.

But I do miss yoga.

In lieu of not being able to go to the studio to practice yoga, Yogify is satisfying my need for yoga

In lieu of not being able to go to the studio to practice yoga, Yogify is satisfying my need for yoga

Halfway through my Eurotrip, I remembered my friend Kate telling me about this app called Yogify and I installed it and I began doing yoga at home. My sister-in-law, Moira, had a yoga mat and she let me borrow hers since she wasn’t using it and I started doing yoga while I was there and it was a godsend. My legs got the stretching they really needed and I think it helped me on the last stretch of my trip since I never stopped exploring the city.

Now that I’m back in Manila, Yogify has become my best friend in terms of exercise. I’ve got a lot of projects on my lap and so I’m practically on my ass in front of the computer typing away a lot and not getting my muscles to work the way they should.

I’m glad to have taken those classes at Beyond Yoga because at least when the app tells me to do a pose, I remember what I learned at the studio and I fix my body’s position to the way I was taught. I feel the stretch, I feel the burn and I know I’m doing it right.

And I’m so addicted to doing the High Plank to Low Plank to Downward Dog routine. I wish there was a routine that had that continuously because that’s the one that I feel is the one that’s doing me good. I don’t know why. I guess it’s because I’ve always wanted to have upper body strength.

I’ve never had upper body strength. My legs are strong — I walk everywhere — but my arms are like putty.

So while I’m getting my finances back in order and going back to Beyond Yoga would just be impractical, I’m happy that I have Yogify to lead me to a pretty good routine on a daily basis. I’m still on the 30-minute beginner’s class on the app but I’m doing it everyday now (rather than when I used to go twice or thrice a week at the studio) so I think I’m building strength.

I can’t wait to move up towards the 45-minute class and then to the more intermediate programs on the app. I think I’ll be doing that soon.

I will eventually go back to the studio and I hope that Yogify will prepare my body so that I won’t return and start from scratch. This is about maintenance and progression. I don’t want to have to keep starting and stopping when it comes to my exercise routines.

I need this because the end goal is to be strong and limber enough to take dance class. That’s the goal here. That’s the end goal.

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