Let’s Get Crazy at The Imaginarium

Back in college, when I was taking poetry with Dr. Marjorie Evasco, we were all given a poetic movement to do a report on and I was given Surrealism to give a report on and I had to talk about Andre Breton and Dada and I was fascinated by the style but it was never something I felt close to as a writer. It was interesting and I loved it when I had to engage with it as a reader, but it was never something I was comfortable with as a writer. Clarity of message was very important to me, but it is something that has stayed with me and working on it in a very monumental poetry class in my days studying poetry at university has afforded me a certain affinity to Surrealism.


As a person who is engaged constantly in silliness exercises and absurdity with my family and friends, it’s a mode that I’m very comfortable.

What I’m driving at is how excited I am with the upcoming The Imaginarium, a festival of the absurd by The Sandbox Collective. A whole festival of different art styles and forms celebrating the absurd and the strange — be it in content or form.

The Philippines has seen a resurgence of an audience wanting something different and new. Great productions of difficult and challenging work have seen a good attendance of Manila’s more discerning people and some people who just want to see something more than what is currently being offered. Productions like Red Turnip’s Cock and The Rabbit Hole and The Necessary Theater’s Red and Venus in Fur has proven that people will come to a good show.

Just give them a good show.

I’m excited for The Imaginarium, especially because The Sandbox Collective is a daring new theatre and performance art troupe who are courageous and innovative and ready to engage Manila in a whole brand new level.

Read more about The Imaginarium in this article I wrote for Juice: Let’s Get Crazy at The Imaginarium.

The Imaginarium will run from October 28 to October 31 at the PETA Theater Center. Check their website for schedule and tickets at http://www.thesandboxcollective.com or call 585-6909 or 0917-8996680.


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