escape artists

the peace we had

in the womb

is not a once-in-a-lifetime feeling

we are constantly breaking free

from the things that keeps us safe

or keeps us from growing


it is a constant escape

from one safe place

to another place, less so


but with each egress,

we leave parts of us behind

that others pick up and learn from

and feed back to us

when we are hungry


that’s why we should always leave

sweet fruit, seeds, shade, and a story

that elicits a smile or a laugh


we are escape artists

we are magicians

we are nomads

we are the wanderers

and the curious ones

who always has another star to follow

and another dream to fulfill


We are free men and women

always breaking boxes

that others put us in

always searching for keys

for the locks that will hold us down

and always on the verge

of a rebirth

hungry for air

overjoyed when we open our eyes

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