T’yanak Teaser

Savage murders terrify the once-quiet town of Puting Bato, and the chief suspect is the foundling baby who has won the heart of Julie (Judy Ann Santos). Her brother Mark (Tom Rodriguez) and his fiancee Madie (Solenn Heussaff) become the target of the T’yanak. A widower who lost his wife in a vicious T’yanak attack (Sid Lucero) adds a brutal layer of terror in a town already petrified by fear.

Directed by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes.

T’yanak opens on October 29 in SM Cinemas nationwide.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/107358694″>T’YANAK TEASER</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user21215788″>Lorenzo A Reyes</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

When I first heard that my Dad and Tito Lore Reyes were going to do a remake of T’yanak, I was sort of scared. I was excited AND scared. Because Tiyanak happens to be my father’s favourite film. Of all the films he has worked on, this is probably my favourite. I just love everything about the story and I was truly frightened. It scared me as a little kid. I was really young when it first came out and while a lot of the images have remained with me, as I grew older, all the more mature and more human elements have stayed with me too. As I grew older, I carried with me all the insights of the film and I’ve only seen it once.

The metaphors and the symbolisms and the insight in human nature and how evil can do its damage as it is portrayed in the movie have been etched forever in my head. Of my Dad’s films, this is probably the one that has the most lasting and lingering effects with me. And again, I have only seen it once.

When I heard he was going to be doing an updated remake of it for this new generation, almost twenty years later since it was first released, I was so excited because, well, it is a great story and it has so much to say about us now.

But as I played the thought out in my head, why would you want to remake something that was, in my mind, already perfect? How can you make it any better?

The more we talked about it over the weeks back in July, the more and more I started to realise that, yes, it can work because the themes are more relevant now than they were before. It could work. It could be amazing. More than having better visual effects and a more contemporary style to tell the story to make it even scarier and more frightening, it is the themes that can really rise to the surface. The human drama is what really, really made me excited for this new version.


And then I found out I would be writing it. He asked me to help out in laying the foundations of the film and eventually asked me to do the script and I was so excited. I was going to be tackling my favourite film of my Dad’s.

I don’t know how good I am at writing horror films. I love them, for sure, but I am more attached to the human drama; to character growth and to exploring the dimensions of humanity in any piece. And that was my form of attack for this film.

And the fact that we have an amazing cast led by Judy Ann Santos and Solenn Huessaff, I was ecstatic. I have wanted to write for both actresses before. I love their work and who they are as people and as celebrities. Having been able to write a script for them to tackle is such an honour and a treat for me, especially because I love writing stories with strong, multi-dimensional women characters; and to top it all off, the rest of the cast includes Tom Rodriguez, Sid Lucero, Chanel Latorre, Angelina Kanapi, and Liza Lorena. What a cast!

Unfortunately, I had already planned and bought my ticket to Portugal before I found out I was going to do this movie so I wasn’t going to be in the country when they shot the film so I wasn’t there to see the magic happen. I’m not there to see the film being put together and to be able to make changes on the set like I did for Sonata, my film last year. If there are any changes, it would have been done by both directors (since they are both very capable writers) and the cast. I feel bad. I would have loved to have seen the actors bring the words and the emotions to life and to see how they would interpret the scenes. I would have loved to have been on set to work with Juday and Solenn and the rest of the cast.


But I will be back in time to see the opening. I have that much to be happy about. I am happy that the film is going to be produced and that I have another film coming out this year.

So, please, watch T’yanak when it comes to the theatres. It would mean so much to me if you did.

T’yanak opens on October 29 in SM Cinemas nationwide.

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