two day break from tourist shit

So I got back to Lisbon and I spent the whole day yesterday doing nothing. I was pretty much in bed the whole day and didn’t do a thing. At some point, I got tired of being idle and accompanied my nephew to Jardim da Estrela where he could skate and I tried to jog but didn’t last 3 minutes. I dressed for it but I didn’t stretch or prepare. I just saw the other people jogging and got caught up with the feeling. So I started on a brisk walk and then sped up to a run by after 3 and a half minutes (I knew it was that long because I was timing it with a song on my iPod) I had given up.

My nephew Ciaran skating at the Jardim da Estrella -- one of the few things that we do, just the two of us, without his parents

My nephew Ciaran skating at the Jardim da Estrella — one of the few things that we do, just the two of us, without his parents

I told myself that I was going to come back and jog again but this whole day has been spent on my back and just looking at what I’m planning to do tomorrow.

I decided that after almost a whole month of non-stop tourist activity — lots of walking; looking at museums, churches, heritage sites; eating; getting lost; figuring out the metro and bus — I thought it would be good to just stay home in a neutral state and not see anything and allow my mind to just absorb and properly put everything in perspective, especially since everything is slowly starting to merge together now.

All the churches and museums and parks are all just coming together and the thing is, I find that Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Segovia, and Barcelona all very different from each other. So different. So I can’t allow them to just become one big bundle of sights and sounds and experiences. I need them separate. I need them individual of each other.

And then, I downloaded the Yogify app on my phone and I started on the beginner’s lesson/sequence today and I perspired quite a bit for a 15-minute workout and I’m excited now to do this on a daily basis to substitute for my lack of a full yoga class experience back home.

I’ll still be able to continue with my yoga practice while I’m here! Yes! And the stretching will be great for me as I return to my tourist-like activities and will help stretch my muscles for all the walk I’m prepared to do.

So, this two-day break is just what I need, really. Just to calm the head and not to fill it up. It’s processing time for me and then I can go full-tilt-boogie again tomorrow.

Like I said in a previous tweet:

This trip is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m here for awhile so I must pace myself so the sights don’t merge and retain their individual impact.


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