Sonata receives 10 nominations in the 11th Golden Screen Awards

It’s been a whole year and our film Sonata manages to come back every now and then to remind us that it was made and it makes my heart full. It’s so lovely to know that a film that so many people, me included, put all of our hearts and souls into is still receiving recognition even after a year since its release.

Cherie Gil receives another Best Actress nomination in another award giving body along with 9 others for Sonata

Cherie Gil receives another Best Actress nomination in another award giving body along with 9 others for Sonata

The 11th Golden Screen Awards is given out by the Philippine Entertainment Press Society (Empress, Inc) has nominated Sonata in 10 different categories, and has the fourth most nominations in their lineup.

Our lead actress and producer, Cherie Gil, receives another nomination for Best Actress while Chino Jalandoni is nominated for Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actor. Jun-jun Montelibano and Emerzon Texon also receive another nomination for Production Design and Original Musical Score, respectively. We also received nominations for Best Editing (Manet Dayrit) and Sound Design and even our Cinematography.

If I may be so immodest, even I received two nominations — Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Story — and I know I’ve said many times before that awards don’t mean anything to me, but I can’t help but feel so happy for the nomination. It’s great to be recognised, even if I really believe that the writing of the film was a group effort by my directors and my lead actress and producer, who had very important input that came into the story.

Sonata really keeps pushing through for us and it keeps reminding me how powerful it is to have been able to be a part of a process where the end product has brought so much joy and insight to the people who have come in contact with it. I’ve been very vocal about how awards don’t matter, that at the end of the day, it’s the choice and opinions of a select few people but considering these people watch films all the time, all-year-round, it is great to know that after a whole year, they still consider ours one of last year’s best.

Read the full article and the full list of nominees here:

Nominees for 11th Golden Screen Awards revealed

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