Picture Perfect Portugal

A continuation of my 2-month long humble brag. Because — shit — I’m in Portugal and I haven’t been to Europe since 1998 when I was 18 and I didn’t know how to travel and what I could do with being in another country. Now, I feel, I am in the perfect age for this sort of thing and I’m going to enjoy it and maximise it to death.

And unfortunately, I have a blog and social media accounts, so that’s pretty much all I’m going to be talking about when I go online.

I haven’t started writing just yet. I’ve just been in a complete and utter state of wonder and I don’t know if I’ll be able to collect myself to write something cohesive and strong. Right now, I’m flying all over the place and just seeing everything this city has to offer me.

Mosteiro de Jeronimos in Belem, a perfect example of the Manueline style which is a mix of both Gothic and Renaissance aesthetics

Mosteiro de Jeronimos in Belem, a perfect example of the Manueline style which is a mix of both Gothic and Renaissance aesthetics

I arrived on Monday and it’s already Thursday and I’ve been to Belem and Sintra and I’ve seen a Manueline-style monastery (Mosteiro de Jeronimos) where the tombs of the royal pantheon of Portugal and Vasco de Gama are found and I’ve also been to the Quinta de Regaleira and the Palacios de Pena, both in Sintra.

I won’t lie, I have taken a whole lot of selfies but that’s nothing considering the amount of other photos I have taken of the architecture and the sights on the streets. I have yet to start sneaking photos of the people. Right now, it’s all about the city and what I’m seeing and myself in this city.

I am not much of a photo blogger, so maybe you can check out my Instagram (@wanggo) if you want to see more of my photos. I am not that confident in my photography skills. 

I can’t wait to start writing poetry about this place. I haven’t yet gone into some external experience to imbibe and turn into fiction or essay; but I’m being hard on myself. It is still the fourth day. I just arrived four days ago. We’ll see what happens as the days go by and I become more and more comfortable with my surroundings.

I will say this much, though, I’m loving it here. Portugal is gorgeous. The people are really friendly. It’s quiet but it’s still a city and it has that energy. I am just bubbling with excitement. I love it. I am loving it.


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