the mad rush

It has been hectic and crazy.

This is me all over again -- but this time, I'm okay with it because it's great to be working again

This is me all over again — but this time, I’m okay with it because it’s great to be working again

I have been typing non-stop since the weekend and my deadline was moved to much earlier date for the script that I’m writing and I submitted it last Saturday and I was so stressed out, I started smoking again after having quit for five days already. There was no way I could have finished that script in time without the security of my old writing habits. I quit the following day again, Sunday (back to day 1), and worked on all the revisions with my director for the script.

Now the script has been approved and I might have a second film before the year ends. Exciting. It just kind of fell on my lap, this project, and now I’ll have this as a feather in my cap and I’m pretty stoked. It’s a horror film. It’s with my Dad, again (oh no! I’m going to be one of those writers who will only write movies for my Dad) but I don’t mind because I really like working with him and I really, really like this project. More on it soon.

Now, I have four days before I get on a plane and leave for Europe for 55 days.

How does one even pack and get ready for a 55-day trip? Who does that? I can do a week or two. Every time I go to Bacolod, I don’t even have to pack a lot no matter how long I stay there because it is practically home. I have a room and everything.

But this is something else entirely. I’m staying with my brother and I don’t actually live there. I’m nervous and excited and I don’t know what to expect.

And as I’m writing this, I am working on yet another script for a friend of mine over something that I really am excited about but so scared that I’m not yet ready to do. It’s still way above my experience and my skill as a writer but deadlines have been set and expectations have been raised and I can’t back out now.

So, this is it. I have to do it and I hope I can finish and still prepare and pack it and be ready to leave by the 24th for Europe.

When it rains, it pours. I’m glad for that. It has been a very dry year for me, this 2014. That was partly my fault too, though, and now that work has come, it’s time to really embrace it with loving arms. I’m glad to be busy again. I just hope I’m up to the task.


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