your body just knows

I’ve always admired how the human body just knows what it needs and how it can demand it from the spirit and the mind when it needs to take a break.

I remember, back in 2003 or 2004, when I was working in advertising and then I worked in television, and we had this huge project and there were countless sleepless nights and you stayed awake, sprouting ideas left and right, and making adjustments on the fly and staying active, drinking soda and binge eating just to stay awake and then during the presentation, when a surge of adrenalin kicks in at the final hurrah and you feel like a golden god, you realised you have pushed yourself to the fullest of the human extent.

Then, you know you have a day off, or maybe even two. If you were lucky, the presentation was set up on a Thursday afternoon and you were given the Friday off and instead of spending the long weekend out letting out steam at the club or whatever, you end getting sick.

sick? take a selfie #sickinthehead

sick? take a selfie #sickinthehead

Your body just knows that it has nothing set on the next three days and insists you stay home and rest. Your body’s immune system just drastically falls and allows you to get sick enough to stay in and just stay in bed and vegetate.

That’s what is happening to me now. When work finally started coming in droves and I saw my calendar, I realised that for a whole week and a half, I had tons of engagements that I had to attend and they were all at night and they were set everyday for a whole week and a half. I took a deep breath and did it. I watched play after play, after ballet, after movie and got home to write the review and slept and woke up to do it again.

I had meetings and brainstormed with colleagues and every now and then, had a drink with friends and met up, and it was like this non-stop for pretty much a week and a half. Then, my body realised that this week was left empty, in preparation for my trip and so that I had some personal writing I could get finished and what does my body do? It makes me sick.

I’m sick. My throat is swollen and my head is throbbing and I am having a hard time swallowing and I don’t know if this is exhaustion or effects from being two days without cigarettes. Maybe it’s both?

I don’t know, I just hope that the writing I hope to finish this week gets finished but I already spent all of yesterday in bed because that’s what my body asked from me. I felt it whipping my spirit and mind into submission. “I need to rest,” it said, and that’s what I did. Now, I hope it starts to go back to normal soon — my body — so that I can get back to finishing what needs to be done.

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