Visa Approved!

This happened earlier this week and I wanted to talk about how excited I was over it but it was the same day that my phone got stolen and I have been unbelievably busy as well, so I never got the time nor the energy to write this post.

Yes, this happened sometime this week too...

Yes, this happened sometime this week too…

But, yes, my visa to visit my brother in Lisbon got approved and I’m going. It was not a difficult process, nor was it entirely tedious as I was expecting but then, I got a lot of help. I was requested to visit my brother in Lisbon so that I can do some HIV talks for Filipino overseas workers in Lisbon and my brother just extended my trip so that I can spend some time with him and his family. 55 days in a European city. Except for the HIV talks that I will be doing, it’s pretty much a vacation.

And the HIV talks is not really work, it’s a vocation. It is emotionally draining for me because I have to rehash my past and make sure that my message comes across — be safe, be smart, be cautious. It’s not just about speaking but speaking clearly. That requires a bit of work too. And no matter how exhausted I can be, emotionally, after such a talk, there is always this feeling of relief that maybe, just maybe, someone will take away an important lesson and protect himself or herself and the people around them from now on.

But outside of that, I’m going to Lisbon, Portugal and I am extremely excited. I’ve never been there and I’ve never actually thought of ever going to  Lisbon. I have always wanted to go to France and Spain and Sweden and the UK but Lisbon was never something I actually thought about visiting. But now that I’m going, I’m so excited.

And I will be taking a trip to visit my good friend Tals in Madrid and I might do a short visit to Prague, though that isn’t sure yet.

I’m just so stoked about this. Extremely stoked about this. The poems I’m going to get to write. The things I’m going to see and the people I’m going to meet. I’m at the perfect age to do this — emotionally and intellectually — and I just can’t wait.

I’m going to Lisbon!

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