I wrote this micro-poem/Twitter poem two days ago when I woke up and just found myself having to rush to the next thing and the next thing. I haven’t done any personal work this whole week and I’ve just been swamped. The word is swamped. And, it’s not frustration, but it’s the feeling of being overwhelmed that has taken over me that I just sat down and wrote this before heading off again to work on another project.

What is this whirlwind?

This mad rush and push of time?

I must change shape,

expand and stretch myself thin,


and just take flight.

I felt restricted by the Twitter character limit because the moment I got a feel for the metaphor, I wanted to really run away with it but I think I’ll use it as a draft for a larger poem. Not larger, like epic, but I think it could use a few more words and maybe four or five more lines.

This is how I feel like right now. Completely thrown into a maelstrom and I am just trying to make it through unscathed. I’m happy. It’s good to be busy considering how things have been the first half of the year but it took me by surprise.

Hopefully, things will settle down soon and I can catch up with myself. But until then, back into the maelstrom.


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