Sonata will screen at Cinemalaya 2014

I just got the news that our film Sonata will screen this year at the Cinemalaya on August 2 (Saturday) at 9pm in the CCP Dream Theater.  It’s so exciting to hear that because we really would love for more people to come and see it and it is always great to be able to share something you worked so hard for to the world.

Catch Sonata at the CCP Dream Theater on August 2 (Saturday) at 9pm

Catch Sonata at the CCP Dream Theater on August 2 (Saturday) at 9pm

It would mean a lot to me if you could spread the word and come and watch our movie. It had such a limited run and it would just be awesome if you could come and see it, if you missed it, or see it again (if you loved it).

We keep thinking that it is over and that the film has run its course and I am trying desperately to get into new work and to bring back the passion that I found inside of me when I helped put this piece together and it has been hard but, for some stroke of luck, Sonata has been making pocket appearances here and there and it’s just very uplifting for me to hear that. As a writer, it is important that people get to see and experience my work and I know how hard everybody involved in this film worked to put it out and I’m just so glad that it is still kicking and fighting and trying to touch lives.

The making of Sonata touched mine so much and I do hope that the film touches others the way I have been changed for the better because of this film.

Please come and watch.

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