a wedding in Iloilo

I went to Iloilo to attend a really good friend’s wedding. Iz is practically like a sister to me. I met her when I started to get closer to her sister Cez, who I first met at work. When Cez found out that I was from Bacolod, she asked me for my family name and tried to make a connection — her family hails from Iloilo and Bacolod — and when she told her mom, her mom said that Cez and Iz’s dad was my mom’s best friend back in the day. It was fate. We were meant to meet.

The first dance of Iz and Chris as a married couple

The first dance of Iz and Chris as a married couple

Since then, I have gotten closer to Cez and since we lived so near each other, it was really easy for us to become better friends. Her family is like mine, in a sense that we are super close to our siblings, and I eventually became close to the sisters, especially Iz.

I went to Iloilo to be a part of her wedding with her boyfriend of four years, Chris.

It was so beautiful. Everyone was in tears because it was such a fairy tale wedding. Everything about it just felt right. It was completely and utterly romantic and not one person in attendance thought it was anything but a perfect pairing and we were all just so happy to be there to bear witness to this really wonderful and joyous occasion. We felt so blessed to be there and, in some weird way, having spent so many dinners and parties at the Golez household, friends with the sisters and I was quite close to their mom before she passed away a few years ago, I feel close enough to say that they are as close to me as my own family. I love them dearly and from the way everyone who was in attendance felt and beamed and reacted, it seemed like they all thought the same way too.

There were parties galore as friends and family from Manila, Bacolod, Cebu, and even from abroad came over days before the big wedding on Saturday and there have been parties and drinking and dancing to get everyone prepared. I arrived on the day itself and after one lunch at Nelly’s Garden, it was preparation for the big event.

Being Iloilo, the food was amazing and the night was filled with great cheer and joy and there was a whole lot of dancing and drinking and merriment. It was an amazing thing and even if the humidity of the weather threatened to turn up the heat, giving the air-conditioning system of the hotel a workout with the over-200 guests at the reception, the guests raised the temperature even more with our dance moves and energy.

I was dancing from 9pm until 2am and we ended up closing the evening — our clothes a disheveled mess and our shoes groaning from the abuse. But we had smiles on our faces and a lightness in our hearts that stayed for the next few days.

The days that followed in Iloilo were blessed ones, lazy, sleep-filled, and if we were awake, we were thinking of where to eat. And eat, we did! If anything, I love the food in Iloilo. I’m not much of a gourmet, so I love the pure taste of Iloilo cuisine. Just really fresh ingredients and just grilled to perfection. It was amazing.It was my kind of trip.

Cez, Poma, Iz, Vince, and myself as the evening was ending and the lights were switched on and it was time to call it a night

Cez, Poma, Iz, Vince, and myself as the evening was ending and the lights were switched on and it was time to call it a night

But it was time to return to Bacolod. I hadn’t done any writing at all, but I expected as much. I didn’t read as much as I would like, but that isn’t so surprising either. I did catch up on Orphan Black and I’ve finished the second season and I’ve all caught up.

It was the sort of break I kind of needed. I’m back in Bacolod now and it’s time to get my head into what it needs to do. It’s time to focus. It was a good three days away from myself.

Now, we hustle and I will get my world in order.

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