dance like no one is watching

My friend Morx was so excited that the Simian Mobile Disco was coming to Manila. I didn’t know who they were but he was extremely excited and said that they were awesome and that it was sure to be a grand dance extravaganza.

Simian Mobile Disco in the house. Black Market. Awesome spelled out in electronic beats.

Simian Mobile Disco in the house. Black Market. Awesome spelled out in electronic beats.

I realised that I hadn’t gone dancing in forever and that I have been saying that I wanted to lose my shit on the dance floor again like I used to. I just never found the right place to do it. We don’t have any good clubs anymore and, if there are any, everyone is just standing around holding their drinks, talking to each other, and looking like idiots.

It’s called a beat, people!

So I went with Morx and Kate to Black Market to catch the Simian Mobile Disco and I was so not disappointed. We arrived early at 10pm and DJ Badkiss was still on the decks and hitting us with some really cool dance lounge tracks. She picked up the beat after a while and I had already begun moving my feet. I was feeling the vibe. It was splendid.

DJ Manolet Dario was next and he served up some really good deep house tracks and, by this time, I was raring to go. It was really quite awesome.

By the time the duo that composed the Simian Mobile Disco were setting up, the crowd had grown, the club was not so filled but the energy was rippling through and it was intense. People were already in the mood and they just started cheering. So was I.

When they laid down their first track and the beat just rose, everybody was on their feet and moving some part of their body. Yeah, there were still some people who were just standing around and looking and it unnerved me a bit but most of the crowd were dancing and soon enough, it got so wild that the people just standing around moved to the back or to the side, which was fine by me because I was exploding back there.

I forgot how good it felt to just lose it. My whole body was finding ways to move to the beats. Feet, knees, thighs, hips, spine, arms, and my head were all moving. It felt so free. I totally forgot how liberating it is for me to just connect to the music and just let go.

The duo were relentless. They’d slow down the beat and hit us with a bass effect or the sound of a horn and hold it there for what seemed like forever and then, just as we were not able to handle it anymore, they let lose a new groove and it whipped us into a frenzy.

Kate, Morx, and I were there until 3:30 in the morning. Kate and Morx hung out by the wall at times to catch their breath but I did not stop moving from 12:20 to 3:20. I was, like, possessed. It was unbelievable and I missed the feeling so much.

I would love to be able to do that again.

Today, my body was in shambles. I had aches and pains all over, especially my lower back, but the feeling inside is amazing.

I am going to find a club where I can get this sort of natural high again. I will not wait for another foreign DJ act to come to be able to do this again. I will find a club and I will burn that dance floor to the ground.


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