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So I made a request if I can talk about theatre as much as I do movies in my blog at Juice. I’ve been so involved in theatre since 2012 and catching up with as much as a I can since I got re-indoctrinated into the scene. I’ve been making friends with the community so I’m becoming more and more aware of the scene and the PR people of these productions have come to know me and are inviting me to the press shows; so I’m always aware of the various stagings around town.

I can't wait for this show!

I can’t wait for this show!

In fact, I have two articles out in Juice right now about two exciting upcoming productions and will be doing more since there are so many exciting new shows coming up. Check them out here:

The Sandbox Collective Debuts with Dani Girl

Prepare to go down the Rabbit Hole

It’s really an exciting time for the theatre community. So many new productions and production companies popping out and it seems there is a growing interest and the theatre going public is wanting more and more variety and the community is ready and willing to give it.

I need to meet more people and try to be more aware of the Filipino productions that are out there and some of the student productions that are open to the public because there are very interesting stuff that come out from there too. I know Dulaang UP have great productions as well, and so does Ateneo.

I already have plans on watching the Virgin Labfest. Lawrence Fajardo is re-staging Imbisibol with a new cast and I really loved seeing that play last year. What’s great is that there are two new plays that I haven’t seen yet going side-by-side with it so that’s awesome. I’m also planning to watch another set of three one-act plays where such amazing performers like Topper Fabregas (I’m a fan) will be performing in.

And then two good friends David and Jen Bianco will be on stage for Venus in Fur by The Necessary Theater, which produced last year’s Red (which I’ve praised over and over again) and I’m super stoked for this one as well: amazing cast, a solid director, and I heard the material is really, really very good.

What I love about the theatre is how powerful a medium it is and how much stronger it can convey certain emotions and messages. Well, let’s just say that it is a totally different medium altogether from film, television, books, and poetry. I love it. I love how it works, structurally, and how different it is in the way it transmits messages and how it affects people. I just love it. I have a newfound appreciation for the art of theatre. It’s exciting to be exploring it now, especially as an adult.

Can't wait for this one too!

Can’t wait for this one too!


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