Beyond Yoga: a start of something new (I hope)

That's me in the foreground and centre, you can tell from my curly hair (photo taken from Beyond Yoga's Facebook page)

That’s me in the foreground and centre, you can tell from my curly hair (photo taken from Beyond Yoga’s Facebook page)

I got a call last Thursday from my friend Kate that said a new yoga studio was opening near our home and for that day, they were holding free yoga classes to open the studio. I have always wanted to do yoga but found so many reasons not to make it a weekly thing, one of them being I can’t afford it, but the other was the effort it took for me to go to the studio just to practice.

In Bacolod, it was generally easy because there’s hardly any traffic in Bacolod. I just would have to schedule the car with the rest of the family and could go in an instant. It’s not that simple here in Manila, especially with my schedule and the traffic.

But Thursday was Independence Day so there was no traffic, Kate was going to pick me up, and the class was free. So, I went. Beyond Yoga is not a new studio per se, they have branches in many locations around the city, but their Greenhills/San Juan studio is a new branch. Kate and Ann had taken classes with them and knew the teachers and they swore by them. I was just happy to be doing some sort of exercise because I’ve been looking for it, really.

Of course, being a free class, there were over 50 sign ups and they had to open up their studio to accommodate everyone. Luckily enough, all the other instructors from different branches were there to help out and so while we were 50, there were 7 other instructors walking around helping us out. I thought I was not going to enjoy this practice because there was so many people but I was wrong.

Our main instructor, Roanna, was amazing. We did a beginner’s Vinyasa class and she was really good. I felt so comfortable and I felt the stretch in every move but it was at a pace that I could follow. I have no idea if my body had grown stronger since I got back to Manila to the point where I could finish the whole practice, or if Roanna’s instruction was such that it was just right for my fitness level. But I did, the whole practice, from start to finish and I felt so great.

I was suffering from a back pain before coming and it was gone by the end of the class.

That's me on the lower right corner of the photo (photo taken from Beyond Yoga's Facebook page)

That’s me on the lower right corner of the photo (photo taken from Beyond Yoga’s Facebook page)

It was so amazing. I was so impressed that the next day, I went to the studio to avail of their promo package for a 50% discount for their packages and got ten classes at half price. If the classes are anything like Roanna’s class, then I’m definitely willing to break through all my resistance and all the reasons I give for not going to yoga class just to be able to do it again.

I’ll probably do twice a week until I can push it to thrice a week, if possible.

This is, of course, all meant to get my body ready for the dance classes that I am still dead-set on taking once I find a studio close enough and within budget. I want to get fit, keep my flexibility (I’m surprisingly still limber), and build my stamina to be able to survive dance classes.

I don’t mind yoga at all, though, because it’s just my kind of thing. I understand the whole concept of it and how it will be good for me. It’s my thing.

Check out Beyond Yoga’s Facebook page for more information, location details, and classes.

Maybe, when I feel ready, I can do the Anti Gravity classes they have and see if its for me. I’d like to try, even just once.

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