cry like a baby

So I finally got to see The Fault In Our Stars the other day and it moved me like I was expecting it to. Movies like that really grab me and tear me apart on all sides. I’m such a sucker for all kinds of romantic movies to begin with; and love stories with one or more characters with a debilitating illness of any kind raises the ante and hits me straight into the gut now.

The Fault In Our Stars is no exception. It’s cheesy and its predictable and its almost by the numbers but it’s also well-directed and the acting is superb and the writing just hits straight to the core. Right down to the middle, really.

My review can be read here: Heartbreakingly Beautiful: The Fault In Our Stars.

moment of weakness: will I ever find a love like that one day?

moment of weakness: will I ever find a love like that one day?

Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley are pitch perfect as Gus and Hazel. Both are spectacularly honest actors and never seem like they are acting. They are totally embodying their roles and I just believed them through-and-through. But most of all, I was so happy to see Laura Dern in another movie again. I love Laura Dern so much and this is why. As Frannie, Hazel’s mom, Laura Dern manages to put so much history in every movement and nuance of her character. Always happy, always positive, trying to keep a cheerful disposition and hoping for the best and you know it’s a rehearsed behaviour, having lived with Hazel for several years now and living with her impending death in the horizon. Laura Dern manages to make it all so evident even though it is never mentioned or explored.

Laura Dern helped make this movie fly. Yes, it was all on Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, but with Laura Dern in the cast and putting so much weight and character into Frannie, the movie really found its wings.

I’m a huge sucker for films like this. I was crying and crying and I was moved. It’s up there, now, it’s up there with all those other heartbreakingly beautiful love stories.

And it makes me wish that one day — soon, I hope — that mine will be coming up next.


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