This Is How I Hope To Feel Right Now

So I should be at the beach and this entry is being written right before I leave the house to meet up with my cousin and my uncle and aunt to ride with them to our little mid-week getaway.

I just came from judging a poetry slam at Sev’s Cafe in Roxas Boulevard. I heard an amazing poet called Louise Meets and Trevor Villoria and I was received so warmly. I am feeling good.

I hope the rains don’t go to where I’m going; I hope the sun is still shining bright and I hope I get a chance to just submerge into the sea and just let go of all the tension and anxiety.

This is how I hope I am feeling while I am on the beach and you are reading this:

Lauren Froderman is one of my favourite dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. The amazing power of movement. Without saying a word, she just nails it — everything I want to be feeling. I’ve got so much ahead of me and there’s a lightness that is growing inside and I just wish to be rid of all the darkness and I hope I am as triumphant and as glorious as Lauren Froderman is at the end of this dance.

I hope your week is coming along quite nicely as well.

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