Spoken Word: Testimonial II (from Pasyalan Sunday, March 2014)

So, the second video of me reading my poem Testimonial II has been uploaded by my friend and I’m reading, probably one of my first complete and whole poem with my new found “voice.” Testimonial II is one of my strongest works, and it is such a joy to read out loud. This perfectly captures the moment I was in, listening to my friend Paolo talk to me over the phone about, well, something. I can’t remember what he was ranting over anymore but right after that phone conversation, I immediately went to the computer and wrote this piece. I got it all out in one go and there’s very little editing that I did afterwards. I just felt that it was all there in the first go.

I missed the Pasyal Sunday last April and will probably miss the Pasyal Sunday this May as well. I hope they continue this, even through the year. I don’t know what happens during the rainy period that comes starting June, but I just think that it’s a wonderful event and it’s really breathing life back into Manila.

I hope you enjoy the piece. This is one of the pieces that will be coming out in my forthcoming collection of poetry Remnants. I hope you enjoy it.

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