through the kindness of others

I am almost out of my meds so I went to the SHIP Clinic in Shaw and met with Dr. Kate to get a new supply of my ARVs. The usual standard supply is three months so that the patients don’t have to keep coming back every month but because of a delay in the disbursement of ARVs, Dr. Kate could only give me one month supply.

I’ll have to return again after a month to get a new batch of ARVs.

all about pills

all about pills

We had our usual check-up and we talked about our personal lives and caught up. She’s so busy these days as the number of HIV patients are increasing drastically and one of the reasons why I love Dr. Kate is because she is personally invested in our health and welfare. Yes, she has saved my life and is one of the reasons why I am alive right now, but even more so, I feel like she really has my best interest in mind; that it’s not just a job for her. And I like that.

She told me that the delay in the Department of Health meant that there were no ARVs to hand out, in actuality, but the reason she had medicine to give me was because some of her patients had been transferred to a different regiment and they still had extra, unfinished pills that were similar to mine, so they made the switch and gave Dr. Kate their extra, unused pills. She was able to put them in old bottles and have been providing her patients while the DOH get their act together.

The kindness strangers, really. I’m amazed at how this world can seem so disgusting and ugly when you go through social media and then, you hear something like this and it just makes you believe that this is still a wonderful, gorgeous place. It could break your heart.

Also, she saw that I had not had my flu shot so she said I should get it and I told her I couldn’t afford it. Expenses have been mounting and I’ve been having trouble paying the bills but someone had a flu shot, bought it and decided to buy two more but made them available for whoever needed them. No one else took it so she gave me one of the extra shots.

Again, such generosity of spirit by a fellow human being, who I don’t even know.

There’s still hope, after all.


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