some grown up consequences

So, I missed out on my phone/Internet bills. I never got the bill because it got mixed up with junk mail and I have been paying off the electricity and the association dues of the condominium and then, yesterday, I got disconnected from my Internet. I totally forgot that I hadn’t paid the phone/Internet bill. I try to pay on time the moment I get the bill but since the envelope got mixed up with junk mail, I never saw it.

Damn. Now, I’m in my brother’s house using his Internet because a bill had slipped from my mind.

These are things that I did not have to concern myself with fifteen years ago. I moved out back when I was twenty-five and I’ve moved back in with my parents twice since then but I have a good five or six years where I was living alone and I can count in the fingers in one hand how many times I’ve missed a bill payment.

These are the consequences of adulthood. I’m not complaining. It’s just that it crept up on me so quietly and really inconvenienced me in such a big way. I took for granted how important the Internet is to my daily routine. I’m one of those people who needs to be constantly connected. It’s a crutch, for sure, but I pick out inspiration from everywhere and everything; and the Internet gives me access to “everywhere” and “everything.”

I’m going to have to learn from this and be more fastidious about paying my bills on time, looking for the bills and making sure they get paid.

It requires a bit more organisation on my part. I hope I can adjust and adapt.

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