Spoken Word: Clubbing vs. the “real” world (and the “real” world is winning)

I talked about the Pasyal Sunday in Intramuros by Viva Manila in another blog entry and how much I enjoyed myself there and how I was able to read two of my poems in the open mic. It was a wonderful, sunny day. And the crowd was amazing and attentive and gave so much energy. The other poets were riveting and captivating. It was a wonderful day, really.

And then, I find out, a friend of mine, Frank Aldana, was present and he just sat down and got his camera out the moment I was called on stage and he recorded me reading my first poem of the day.

I am so amazed at seeing myself read my own poetry aloud. I was there, back in that moment when  I first wrote the piece, and it’s so strange but it’s also quite thrilling. We have a word for it in Filipino that doesn’t have a real English translation and it’s called kilig.

This is his edited video of me reading my poem, Clubbing vs. the “real” world (and the “real” world is winning):

I was going to wait, really, and use this video as a marketing tool for the book I’m coming out with because the poem is part of that collection but I can’t help myself. I’m so tickled that it’s already up on YouTube. I want to share it.

It’s strange because I’m hardly a good spoken word performer. But there’s a certain sense of joy in being able to share that with people, to share what you create with others. That’s the whole point of it, really, and I got to do that and I’m so happy to have some record of it out there.

My book, Remnants: a memoir, will be out soon and I can’t wait to be able to share that with everyone. This video is a little taste of that and what more you will be able to read in its pages.


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