Penny Dreadful: I cannot wait for this show!

My Dad pointed out a trailer he saw on Facebook a few months back and when I saw it, my jaw dropped to the floor. There’s just so much about this show that excites me: Victorian London, gothic horror, the supernatural, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and then when I did more research, I found out that it’s written by John Logan (who wrote Skyfall and one of my favourite plays Red).

Everything about this show just screams out how awesome it is going to be. Most of all, it’s being put together by John Logan and he’s really amazing. I trust him. I saw Red three times in the span of a year when the Philippine production staged it again and again. Each time I saw it, I cried. I also loved Skyfall and thought it was the best Bond movie I have ever seen. This is not a writer who will dumb down this show for the ratings. It’s going to be epic.

And I’ve always liked Josh Hartnett and Eva Green. They have always preferred to be actors than celebrities and Josh Hartnett has relatively stayed away from big-budget, star-making vehicles since Pearl Harbor. That’s not the kind of actor he wanted to be, or so I read in a magazine article about him. I really, really enjoyed his performance in 30 Days of Night (and loved the movie as well) and read somewhere that he only agreed to do it, despite it being a big-budget film, was because he really liked the story. But these are articles that I’ve read a long time ago; maybe I don’t remember the details as accurately as I think I do. But, no matter, he is more of an actor than a celebrity and I respect that very much.

Eva Green has always been mesmerising and is probably one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever encountered on film. I first became aware of her in Casino Royale (which I think John Logan also wrote) and fell in love with her since. She has also chosen to appear in a strange collection of films. I say strange because her obvious beauty and talent would naturally make her a bigger star but she has been very choosy with her roles and projects. I admire an actress who can do that. It irks me that I don’t see as much of her as I would want to, but it makes seeing her all the more thrilling and exciting.

I read somewhere that Penny Dreadful‘s first season is only eight episodes and that intrigues me. True Detective was only eight episodes and that means there are no throwaway episodes. I like a show that will not extend stories unnecessarily just to fill out ten or twelve episodes in a season. Some shows are good on the onset and then tend to flounder halfway through because they can’t end it yet because they want to fill out twelve or fifteen episodes for the season. It becomes dragging or boring. But a show like True Detective knows that it only needs eight episodes to tell its story and so it feels tight, controlled, and balanced.

I’m hoping, if it is true, that Penny Dreadful would be the same. Another show that I really, really enjoyed only had six episodes, Utopia, and because of that, it was fast-paced, everything was necessary, and it was never dragging; the show never meandered.

I’ll be neck-deep into Game of Thrones and the wait between episodes is going to kill me (as it already is doing now) but when Penny Dreadful airs in May, I’ll have something to look forward to. This is just going to be so epic. I cannot wait.

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