summer is here

Always happy in the sand and surf (Mauban beach circa 2003)

Always happy in the sand and surf (Mauban beach circa 2003)

I like summer. I like warmer weather and sunshine and any excuse to go to the beach. The traffic in the city isn’t as bad because classes are over and a lot of the kids are in the province. Friends are more inclined to take the weekend off to go to the beach or some similar locale. I don’t use the A/C all-year round; but I still freeze and sleep with a blanket during cold nights, especially on November through February. On summer, I sleep in my boxers and a sleeveless shirt and my blanket is neatly folded in the side and unused.

I was born in a tropical country and my physiology was meant for this sort of climate. I feel very much connected to large bodies of water — fresh or salt water — and I think you can even see that in a lot of my poems. Ocean or water images abound in many of my pieces.

Climate change has turned our ecosystem on its head and we had the coldest January this year — it was awful for me. I couldn’t take it. It was absolutely dreadful. Now the summer is here and they suspect it will be hotter than normal because of the severe cold front we had last January.

“Bring it on,” that’s what I say. I’m okay with it. I feel like I was built for that sort of weather. There are plans for beach trips and excursions in the works and I hope to get my feet in some sand and salt water before summer ends come June. Until then, there are pool parties being thought of and I’ll just head on up to the roof deck of the condominium where I am staying to submerge under the cool waters.

Summer is here. I couldn’t be happier.

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