The bridge of your nose;

your hair in the 2pm afternoon sun;

your calves, as they tense up

when you climb the stairs;

your jawline when you read

anything political;

that muscular line

right on your pelvis,

below the abdominals;

these are familiar landmarks

where my eyes take refuge

when the day gets too heavy.


I can’t get lost

in the geography of your body.

I know the back of your hand

better than I know mine.


It’s all mapped out in my mind

and I go there

when I want to be lost

in something familiar.


6 thoughts on “Topography

    • Thank you so much. I feel like I lost my thought halfway through and it just falls apart. I want to come back to it at a later time to improve it.

      It was so clear in my head when I began writing it and then it kind of just fizzled…

      But thank you! It encourages me to work on it some more. 😀

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