And you know we’re on each others team (Lorde)

My friends know this: when something becomes extremely popular, I usually get turned off by the hype and I shy away from it. I become resistant to it almost immediately. I’m weird that way. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s most probably very good if it gained so much attention, or at the very least, interesting.

But because of social media, hype can go overboard and create a backlash. I was that way with Santogold/Santigold when she first came out and everybody was like “Santogold this and Santogold that.” And I was, like, “Whatever.” And then she had to change her name to Santigold and I then heard L.E.S. Artiste and Lights Out and I was floored. This was a whole year after she had become famous.

I’m notorious for making these snap judgements over things that get overhyped on my social media feed. I think I was that way as well with Adele. Now, I love her completely.

And that’s the same with Lorde. So much was being said and I just couldn’t get myself to get into her music. So I never tried.

Then I heard Royals and I was intrigued. Several more listens and I bought the song off of iTunes. I began choreographing pieces in my head (for the time when I can finally afford to start taking up dance class) and doing small random movements in my room. But it wasn’t enough to go out and listen to any more tracks.

Then, last night, my niece told me to listen to Team.

Wow! What a song. That beat is so addicting. It’s so arresting. And so many people talk about her “weird dance moves” while performing or the fact that she’s only seventeen. And, sure, they are both talking points but at the very basis of it, I just love the music and the way she sings the song. I read that since she’s not a musician, she chose to write the songs and have the songs produced to put emphasis on her singing and voice.

I definitely started choreographing Team in my head. I’m in conceptualising and directing videos in my head for the song. It’s amazing. The backbeat is just… engrossing.

I will be taking a listen to her other songs now and watching her closely. She’s on my radar. She’s a prime example — for me, anyway — when the hype has really been worth the artist and the music she makes.

2 thoughts on “And you know we’re on each others team (Lorde)

  1. Hi, I don’t know who else to talk to.
    I’m 24. I hooked up with a 44 year old man yesterday and had uprotected sex. It was my first time. Ever. But he assured me he had just been tested recently and came up negative. He promised me he’s clean. But I can’t help but be paranoid about it. I can’t sleep man…Please help.

    • If you are having troubled by all of this, you should go to a clinic and have yourself tested. It’s the only way to be sure and so that you can have your peace of mind. Take the test and ease your worries. But wait for at least six weeks before you take the test as the virus takes time to incubate.

      Just always be safe and smart about your hook ups. It’s not worth the worry.

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