Sonata wins three awards at the PMPC Star Awards

In the recent 30th Philippine Media Press Club Star Awards, our little film, Sonata, came home with three awards. I am so happy that Mike Idioma (Sound Engineering), Emerzon Texon (Musical Score), and Junjun Montelibano (Production Design) were all given recognition for their amazing work in our film.






And while our film was also nominated for Best Indie Director (Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes), Best Child Performer (Chino Jalandoni), and even Best Indie Screenplay (me! yay!) and Best Indie Film of the Year, I feel a little sad and disconcerted that Cherie Gil was not nominated for her excellent performance. She was amazing and completely carried the movie from her first moment until the final scene of the film. That movie was all her and I feel so sad that this was not recognised; not even a nomination.

So, I’m a Star Award nominee. Not that I pay too much attention to awards, really. Ten years ago, I would have been over the moon. It’s all that I wanted. As I grew up, I outgrew the need for accolades and recognition. I just understand that, hopefully, it will make it easier for me in the future to get more jobs and to apply for grants or scholarships.

There were so many good films last year that to have been part of the nominees is really a great honour — to be able to be nominated alongside Hannah Espia (of Transit), Antoinette Jadaone and Jeffrey Jetturian (of Ekstra) and losing to Direk Jose Javier Reyes (for Ano ang Kulay ng mga Nakalimutang Pangarap?) is already a win in my book.

And to be honest, to have written Sonata, I already won. I love that movie. I love my contributions to that film. I’m proud. The nomination is just a bonus. I get to sleep at night knowing I wrote that film. I’m happy enough with that.

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