I’ve been bingeing on musicals lately. I went home to Bacolod and ripped a lot of my CDs of Broadway musicals and my Dad’s collection as well. I got Ragtime, Secret Garden, Follies, A Chorus Line, Once on This Island, and Pacific Overtures. Someone stole my Dad’s copy of Assassins, but I found it online and put it on my iTunes Wish List. I’m going to bring down my credit card debt a bit before I go buying more stuff.

I am also still looking for a copy of Baby by David Shire and Richard Maltby Jr.. We had the CD in our house when a friend was living with us. When things turned sour with her, she left and she brought it with her. It was hers so I can’t feel bad about it. We treated her like family and I guess it never occurred to us that things would go the way it did. Now the CD is gone and I am really hurting for a copy of And If We Had Loved Like That, which is really a gorgeous song.

I don’t know why I’m so into musicals again. Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve been watching a lot of Shakespeare film adaptations and video recordings of live productions. Maybe it has a lot to do with watching the 80th Birthday Celebration of Sondheim and the Candide concert with Kristin Chenowith. Or maybe it’s because I got to see Wicked.

Whatever the case may be, I’m really into musicals again.

I remember when my brother sat me down to watch the 80th Birthday Concert for Stephen Sondheim and Karen Oliva opened the show with a number from West Side Story and this fabulous rendition of America; I was floored. It was a performance in a concert but it had so much life and energy and it was just fabulous that I completely was floored and totally fell in love with musical theatre all over again.

One day, I’m going to write a musical; not just the book but hopefully lyrics as well. Like how Marsha Norman wrote the book and lyrics for Secret Garden.

I can dream, right?



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