Since I got back from Bacolod, I’ve just been running around and getting things done. Often times, it’s not for my own purposes but for someone else’s. Ten days was a long time, apparently, for me to be gone from the city. There was so much to do here that, it seems, needed me and I have been running around since I got back.

Saw this online. I feel like the rope.

Saw this online. I feel like the rope.

I’m hoping for some time of my own, to be honest. I got my manuscript back from my good friend, Morx, who had offered to copy edit my work and to put his discerning eye into focus and make my poems better and tighter. It came back and, to my surprise, he liked a lot of the poems. Of course, there was a quite a bit of work to do and he suggested to remove three poems. I removed one of them but the other two I’ve decided to take apart and put back together with his insights coming into play.

One of the poems has been revised and I think is so much stronger now. I just have one poem to go and I think I’m ready to send it to my designer for lay-outing.

Now, if I only had more time for myself to just work on them. But I think it’s great also that I get to see my friends again. Some things just seemed to have shifted, lately, and it seems my closest friends have been experiencing the same sort of growth that I have. I am so happy to know that my friends are growing as well and that while our lives keep revolving at its steady pace, we have been keeping pace with each other as well.

So, I’m happy that my friends and family have been keeping pace with each other. Now, I want just a little more time for myself — but still have time for friends and family — so I can be the person I want to be.

But that’s asking for everything. I’m being selfish. I’m happy. At this moment, I am happy.

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