Passages (Dagda Publishing)

Passages, cover design by  A D Warr, published by Dagda Publishing (photo taken from

Passages, cover design by A D Warr, published by Dagda Publishing (photo taken from

I’m extremely happy and proud to announce that two poems I wrote were accepted and is published in a new book by Dagda Publishing called Passages. The collection of poems from various writers from all over the world all deal, in some form or another, with journeys. My poems Across The Burning Bridge and On a New Shore were chosen to be a part of the anthology.

If you love poetry, you can buy the book online. You can check out this link for a trade paperback version or you can check out this link for a Kindle version. Proceeds from the sales of this book will go to a charity called Shelter. So, it’s not really just a book of poems, it’s also a chance to help out.

I submitted Across the Burning Bridge, which I’ve actually posted here before, but I’ve made a few refinements to the piece before sending it so the version that has come out in Passages is the final version. Across the Burning Bridge is really one of my stronger poems that I’ve ever written and has a personal meaning to me. I’m glad that it’s out there in this anthology. On a New Shore is completely new poem that I have not yet released or published before. It’s something new. So, I hope you’d be interested enough to buy the book and read it.

Much, much gratitude to the editor, R J Davey, who has always been supportive of my work, having published two of my poems in his website Dagda Publishing, and for having included me in an earlier anthology, Western Haiku: A Collection. Much thanks!

This is the second anthology I’ve been able to contribute in since my return to poetry back in 2007. I’m sort of excited because it’s happening. I guess it is safe to say that I’m a poet. I’m really becoming a poet. Whether I’m a good one or not can only really be determined by time. But right now, it feels damned good.

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