Gorecki (2 Meter Session; 2011) by Lamb

I have always loved Lamb and their music is there in my iPod and my iTunes and I bring it out every time I need Lou Rhodes intense and evocative voice. The lyrics of both Gabriel and Gorecki have guided me out of many dark moments and has allowed me to revel in some good ones.

I was on the iTunes store checking the song Tiny Meat by Ruby. I can’t explain the sudden recall of the song. But I heard the chorus over and over in my head and I looked for the song on iTunes. I found it and then when I was deciding whether I was going to buy the track or not, I saw on the recommended section other trip-hop bands. That led me to check out Sneaker Pimps and then, without thinking, Lamb.

I was shocked to find out that Lamb had a new record out a few years back. They also released two live albums as well. I was overjoyed. Without even hearing a track, I immediately bought the new album 5 and the live versions of Gabriel and Gorecki from the album Live at Koko.

And that’s what led me to finding this amazing video off of YouTube.

I don’t know if they are back for good; but they’re back.

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