putting it together

Yesterday, I went to Makati to meet up with my friend who I hired to do the lay-out of my collection. I paid her the downpayment and we discussed the nature of the book. I have never worked on a personal project before and one that required design elements to boot and we discussed the nature or the personality of what my collection is going to be. It was really an interesting process because, despite the very personal nature of the poems, she helped me realise that the book’s personality is very different from mine. The book is not me. It’s something I created and formed; but it isn’t necessarily me.

I loved it and it gave me such a strong sense of trust because I realised that she wasn’t working on just a project. She wasn’t attacking it as purely a platform for her to play around with design elements. She wanted the book to come out the way it should based on its own inherent personality.

My friend, her name is Marla, I’ve met only a few times before but I liked her a lot. She’s very outspoken and very passionate and very frank and forward with her feelings. I thought, for a designer, that it was important that she knew how to project her own person. I thought it was telling to the kind of lay-out and designer that she could be. I have seen only small bits of the work that she’s done but I liked that about her personality and decided, on instinct, to ask her if she’d be willing to work on my book. We talked price and it was within my budget and yesterday, we met to talk about the work.

I’m excited because it’s coming together. All I need now, after re-reading what I’ve written, is to finish the last few poems (I need about four or five new ones) and to completely revise the introduction, because I think what I currently wrote sucks.

My friend Morx said he was willing to go over the work and I’m scared because Morx is a real poet and has a much higher standard than I do and he will be very critical of the work; but he said he will adjust his reading and comments to fit my voice. All of this, of course, was during a hangout session with a bottle of Jameson between the two of us. Whether he remembers that he offered this or not, I don’t know. I hope he does, though, because it would vastly improve the work.

Lastly, I have to finally get out of my ass and ask the person I’ve identified to write the Foreword if he would be willing to write it.

It’s coming together. I’m scared and excited and blown-away by this whole process. It’s happening. It’s really, really happening.

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