review of The Wolf of Wall Street & Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

I guess I’m on a roll. Been watching so many great movies one after the other. I missed it, I guess. The Christmas season was just hectic — shuffling from one party to the next, seeing friends who live abroad and visiting them and saying “hi” — it was a crazy time.

And then, all of a sudden, all these movies I wanted to see came into the cinema and I was on them like ants to a picnic basket.

My review for the extremely astounding cinematic assault of Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street can be read here: The Wolf of Wall Street: Unapologetic, Astounding, Brilliant.

While my review for the disappointing Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit can be found here: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: Wasted Potential.

Leonardo DiCaprio's tour de force performance better be acknowledged at the Oscars or I'll be very, very angry

Leonardo DiCaprio’s tour de force performance better be acknowledged at the Oscars or I’ll be very, very angry

I just want it to be said that I think Leonardo DiCaprio is one of this generation’s most brilliant actors and this performance is stellar and should be acknowledged. If he wins the Academy Award for this role, it would be a deserving win that would also, somehow, make up for the years of being robbed at the Oscars. His body of work is filled with uncannily true and powerful performances and he should win it. It’s his time. Give the man his due.

At the same time, I would like to say that I love Chris Pine and I think he’s an amazing actor and I feel that Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit did not give him an opportunity to prove that. I love the Jack Ryan series and I feel that the producers, writers, and director failed Chris Pine here. He makes a great Jack Ryan and he should be given a chance to show us. I want a Jack Ryan movie that all the fans deserve.

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