Randy Bustamante Writing Workshop (starting Feb 13)

My good friend and over-all wonderful person, Cat Juan Ledesma, took a writing class with Randy Bustamante. He is a top writing professor from Boston College and Cat has only such amazing things to say about his workshop.

He’s holding another workshop, a five week course, beginning on February 13 and ending on March 13. I think it’s once a week for five weeks at the Ayala Museum.

Workshops are really helpful when you are still trying to find your voice and your confidence as a writer because you may have the talent or the skill to write, but you need to have that sensibility that allows you to present your work to others and accept what happens to the work the moment it is given to others to be read. Lots of people have the skill to write, have the mastery of tone or the style to be able to make a compelling written work. But there are only so few writers out there because only a few of them have the guts to put out their work.

Workshops help break through that wall. Definitely, with a good instructor, you learn techniques and habits that you imbibe into your writing which gives you more confidence with your work. The confidence is what you need to get the work out there. That’s the important part, really.

So, if you still need that push, why don’t you check it out?

Here are more details to the workshop found on Cat’s blog: 5 Writing Tips by Randy Bustamante.


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