Lone Survivor: Arresting, Brutal, Powerful

I got to see Lone Survivor over the weekend. I didn’t even want to see it. Didn’t know if I could handle watching a war film. It has gotten really, really cold in the Philippines now and I just don’t handle the cold very well. I just wanted to stay home and try to stay warm but my Dad wanted to watch a film and because I had already seen 47 Ronin, he told me that he read some really good reviews of Lone Survivor. I acquiesced and I’m glad I did because I really, really loved the film.

My review can be read here: Lone Survivor: Arresting, Brutal, Powerful.

Lone Survivor: exceptional and extremely well-done

Lone Survivor: exceptional and extremely well-done

I was crying and crying at the end of the film, so shocked that the film would affect me in such a way. I don’t know if it’s because, for some reason, it reminded me of my brother who was a soldier for the Philippine Scout Rangers for awhile. I know a lot of it has to do with how much humanity Peter Berg infused his characters. I saw it. I really did and the acting by Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, and most notably, by Ben Foster was just exceptional.

I keep using that word for this film — exceptional — because there’s no other word that best describes it. So much artistic restraint and yet director Peter Berg really brings you in there into the fray and you get caught up into it. It’s brilliant. It’s just brilliant.

If it is still showing in a theatre near you, go and see it. Just be warned: it’s very brutal and very violent. It’s very powerful. It’s damned good!

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