Say Something (I’m Giving Up On You)

So, last night, I was hanging out with my Dad and Tito Lore and Jo. We are a sort of family on our own, as we made Sonata together and we work on movies together and so while my Dad is my Dad, in that particular dynamic, I’m also the group’s screenwriter. We have grown into our own little unit. A family.

We haven’t had a New Year’s celebration together so Tito Lore and Jo came over and we cooked and they opened the bottle of Singleton (I’ve started to develop a taste for whiskey/scotch), and generally toasted to the new year. Again, the opening and closing of doors.

We ended early, and I had quite a bit to drink. As I was closing up my computer and getting ready to sleep, I get a text message from Cez telling me to download Say Something by A Great Big World. I never heard the song before but I am familiar with the title because a friend of mine is a huge Christina Aguilera fan and kept talking about the song over at social media. I didn’t want to download the song right away and I searched it on YouTube first to have a listen.

When I heard the original version, without Christina Aguilera, I started getting teary-eyed. I don’t know if it was the whiskey or if it just hit me in the right spot. It’s utter simplicity and the rise — that fucking build up of intensity — in the music just penetrated through all my armour.

Cez knows what’s going on in the little recesses of my heart. We’re that close. I also know that she’s in a sort of similar situation. Let’s just say the song hit us at our most tender and most vulnerable of spots.

When I told her how the song made me feel, she told me to go to her house (she lives just a few blocks away) and I was there in an instant.

The song was played over and over. Feelings poured out of us. More drinks. More feelings. We played dance songs and danced to try and get us into a more positive mood. But even when we said goodbye and I was on my way home, I had the song playing in my head.

Say something, I’m getting over you. I know exactly how the songwriter was feeling when he wrote that. Say something. Say anything. Please.

At the point when you know you have to let go, but you still don’t want to; the only hope you have is that the other would say something to make you stay. Otherwise, what’s the point of waiting? Of hoping? You have a valid reason to leave unless they say something.

Say something.

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