one phone call

It’s come down to this, hasn’t it?

So, I’m home, waiting on a phone call that might change my life forever.

ring ring ring

ring ring ring

It has come to this. One phone call.

The waiting part is the awful thing, really. Because my mind is thinking eight hundred thoughts a second and so much can happen and it isn’t a done deal yet. But if I get the call with the response that I’m hoping for, everything changes. It is an adventure I cannot wait to be a part of. Maybe my whole life, really.

And with all the amazing occurrences in the world, it all boils down to one chance encounter, a few words spoken aloud, and now a phone call. One phone call.

And in the process of this week, my phone has helped me bade goodbye to a lot of friends who are in town for the holidays. Good byes and hellos. Lately, that’s all that really matters on my phone.

But when this one phone call comes and it’s the news I really want to hear, I’m barreling through and things will change and an adventure will be mine to have.

It will be my turn to say goodbye.


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