Just a blur of days —

Moments crashing into moments

And only the feelings remain


It’s the same fourteen faces

in different permutations of laughter

and locales and levity


but there is a heaviness, as well,

and it cannot be helped

for the air is also thick with fear

and longing and admonition.


But this is where we find ourselves

caught between the last few days,

pressed hard against the remaining

nights and days


before the sun rises

under a different name

and the stars approach

their supernova


We come near to the end

only to begin again

but these feelings will linger


the memories are held

closer to our hearts

as we shut our eyelids

with the force of gravity


This moment, right now,

will be history

and memory


that is my prophecy

which I share with you,

here, at the end

of the end of the year


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