lake retreat

the lake house (Caliraya, Laguna)

the lake house (Caliraya, Laguna)

I’m leaving for my friend’s lake house in Laguna today. As the Christmas season starts to get more rushed and hectic and family members are flying in from all over, it seems that it’s a great time for me to spend time with Cat and Carlo before they leave for Bacolod for the Christmas season. Also, I wouldn’t mind the break from the city.

Every time I leave the city, I come back changed. The more I do this, the less and less I feel connected to Manila. It has sort of become a means to an end. I thought I would never leave this city and that I would love it through and through, but the more I leave it the more I realise how easy it is to get away and how frequently I want to do it. I have to be here because this is where work is; but it’s work. My friends are here but they are here for work, as well. The “need” to be in the city is becoming more and more tangible and defined.

It’s a place of work, nothing more.

The schedule was not conducive for everyone and we won’t be traveling to Caliraya with the usual gang. It will be a more quiet and laid-back sort of situation, which is perfectly fine with me.

I’m planning to bring my laptop with me so that I can do some writing. I’ll be lounging at the jetty port with my friends, drinking rum cokes, and jumping into the cool water of the lake by day. At night, we’ll share stories and thoughts and dreams after dinner, maybe over more drinks or hot cocoa. When they retire at night, I’ll take out my kindle and read or I’ll take out my laptop and start writing.

In the midst of all that beauty, surrounded by a quiet night and a cool wind, it will be a chance to get some things down on “paper.”

The Christmas rush might be beginning, but 2013 is winding down and there are a lot of demons that need to be put to rest. I’ll start today.

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