reviews for Ender’s Game & Catching Fire

Once in a while, I still manage to find my way to the theatres and catch a film. When I do, I go home immediately and write a review. It’s for work and my editors love it when I get to do it early because they sort of base their movie choices on my reviews sometimes. I always laugh when they tell me that but I can’t help feel a little proud that they learn a thing or two about films from me. It makes me blush and a little embarrassed but in my heart of hearts, I’m beaming with pride.

My review for Ender’s Game can be found here: Ender’s Game: Still with Kid Gloves. I liked the film a lot but I just felt that it could have been so much better. But I was amazed by the special effects but the zero-gravity component of the film suffered in comparison to Gravity which sort of redefined how one should look at a zero-gravity environment. I know it isn’t fair to compare them but the ante had been raised. You have to measure up with all those that came before you.

Ender's Game: the future of gaming -- one day, we'll all be facing our computers doing this

Ender’s Game: the future of gaming — one day, we’ll all be facing our computers doing this

I also got to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I did prefer it to the first movie. It is a far better film that the first, for sure, but I go on a more complete explanation as to why and I am actually quite shocked with my review because I am not usually so articulate. My reviews are written immediately after seeing a film. Right afterwards, I go home and type up the review and send it over for editing. It’s the Internet and time is always of the essence. Oftentimes, when I read my old reviews, I realise that I could have said things better and other times, I wish I could take things back because I feel differently about it after a few days when the movie has settled in my head.

But that’s the nature of the work.

Here’s my review for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Read it here: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: A Slow Burn.

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