BBC Newsnight Paxman vs. Brand

I have always enjoyed Russell Brand’s interviews because he’s not just funny but he’s magnificently intelligent and he never looses control of the situation. The interviewers are always on their toes and on the defensive. And I love that about him.

And then I saw this video and I am unbelievably floored by the intellect and the eloquence and the clarity of his message. The Gawker states that this is the beginning of a revolution and it is true because so many people feel the exact same way. This is amazing. Unbelievably; and all of a sudden, it gives me a valid reason to stop voting altogether. I’ve voted every time I could when I became of age; and I have always thought that I should and that my participation was vital to enforcing change.

But this changes everything. This makes sense to me and I love it. This is the start.

When the consciousness shift happens in a more active stance and becomes more evident, this is one of the things people will point to for its origin. Some people will say that they saw it from this interview.

May it happen soon.


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