Review for Carrie and Metro Manila

So I started getting my act together and began writing my film reviews for Juice again. I stopped for quite awhile because, I guess, I just got a little fed up with movies. Too much stimulus and too much analysis and too much thought in just watching movies and not really coming into a cinema just to watch a movie. I always was thinking of something to say; on how to frame my review. It just started to get old. Juxtapose that with the screening of my own film and reading all the reviews for it and it was just too much for me.

So I got back on track and was able to catch Metro Manila and Carrie in the theatres.

I wonder how many girls are going to go as Carrie for Halloween?

I wonder how many girls are going to go as Carrie for Halloween?

The short of it is that I was disappointed with both films. You can read why in the links to my review right below:

Metro Manila: Straightforward, Belabored, Heavy

The Problem with Carrie

And I really love Chloe Grace-Moretz and Julianne Moore and was extremely impressed with Ansel Elgort. There were touches and moments when it was actually good; but Carrie, as a whole, was so disappointing and showed how much the director didn’t get the point. Whereas I felt that Metro Manila was an easy exploration into the underbelly of the city; and rather than being clever and realistic about it, went for the caricature that was easy and gritty and more appealing to an ignorant audience. It went the easy way out and that was so sad because it could have been so much better. The acting was superb. It just fell flat with its depiction of the milieu, I think.

I’m getting back to my old routine. Pretty soon, I will feel like myself again, I think. Just keep on truckin’.


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