at Lucy’s Desk

So, the video of my guesting at TV5’s Showbiz Police is out on YouTube. I was interviewed by the lovely Lucy Torres-Gomez alongside the very talented Martin Escudero (I’ve become a big fan of this young actor) about the new show Positive.

I don’t know why I’m really excited about this show. I haven’t been this excited over a Filipino television show since Encantadia. Maybe, it’s because I have been asking for a more realistic depiction of people living with HIV in the media and I remember saying this often back in 2010 and 2011. “There should be characters who are living with HIV in our films and television shows,” I remember saying. “We have to normalise it.”

And now it’s happening. Of course, I still have to see the actual show to find out whether it depicts a real view of life with HIV. But even if it doesn’t, it should get the conversation started. It should keep it going. It will help raise awareness and we need that right now. More importantly, it might get people to remove their fears and prejudices and make people more sympathetic and compassionate. It’s a step forward to removing discrimination and the stigma that comes with living with the virus.

Of course, I’m horrendously embarrassed by my inability to converse well in my own language but I think I did pretty okay. I have heard so many good things about Lucy Torres-Gomez and it is so good to finally meet her. I’ve been impressed with Martin Escudero for awhile now and to actually meet him was thrilling. A young actor I really respect. So I’m kind of happy about this little segment.

I hope Positive breaks boundaries and pushes for changes in our society. I hope it makes us open-minded. I hope this is just the beginning. Eventually, hopefully, there will be a character in another program who is living with HIV but the show isn’t about the virus or living with HIV. There’s just a character, maybe even a supporting role (a best friend of the lead), who has it but the show isn’t about that per se. Just so that it becomes normal.

That’s the next step. So far, in the projects I’m working on, there’s no place for me to insert that character in. But hopefully, I’ll get to do that soon. It would be nice if it came from me. But the projects on my lap don’t allow me that kind of creative freedom as of yet. It doesn’t do anything for the stories I’m currently writing.

But soon. Hopefully soon. Things are changing. The world is changing. Let’s change for the better.

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