2013: it’s almost done

This has been a crazy year. And fast. It has been a quick year. All the moments just bleed together without much space between and as you keep checking things off of your to-do list, you find another item staring right in front of you and the next thing you know, it’s already October and the weeks are almost done and over with.

It has been a momentous year for me, though. I’m finally a scriptwriter. I can finally say it and mean it. A movie I had written and I’m extremely proud of is out there. That’s a big thing for me because this is sort of what it was all about — all those years of writing and writing for other people; to finally get something out there that’s mine, that I can call my own.

Sunset at Caliraya Lake (time to get symbolic here)

Sunset at Caliraya Lake (time to get symbolic here)

Friends have returned — and I have found a place back for them in my life, carved out a space in my day-to-day to make sure they figure in again and I am feeling a whole lot more human than I ever did in the past few years.

I’m back in Manila and somehow managed to do it on my own terms. And I’m driving again, and I’m taking care of my Dad while we stay here.

And there are more projects down the pipeline.

And there was someone I thought I had lost (at the start of the year) who came back (it was just a misunderstanding after all) and how things have settled into a comfortable system of communication. A new crush that bends all the rules I’ve set for myself and not giving a damn about it.

Getting healthy again. Setting priorities. Figuring out what I really want and having the guts to finally do it, like taking dance class.

Still finding myself in situations where I meet amazing, talented people and still making new friends. I’m thirty-four right now and I thought all I had in terms of friendships was all I was ever going to get but, no, that’s not the case. I still am discovering new people and wonderful people and exciting people. It is never ending.

I still feel young. I even got a new tattoo this year. And I already figured out what the next one should be.

And yet another year is soon to end and yet another one is soon to begin.

It doesn’t end while you are still alive.

So keep living. Keep on living.

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