taken after a short break of marathon Cluedo at my brother's house, where I won 5 of 11 games

taken after a short break of marathon Cluedo at my brother’s house, where I won 5 of 11 games

I remember playing Cluedo in my cousin’s house back in late 80s when I was still a kid, probably on my way to becoming a teen-ager, so that was a long, long time ago. I was still a kid and we just loved boardgames. In fact, it was our second favourite thing to do after role-playing games where we made up make-believe situations and acted them out, usually with the older ones making all the rules.

Back then, I never go to really enjoy playing Cluedo because, well, I was a dumb kid. I didn’t get the complex way the game is set up in order to guess who it was that killed Mr. Body and with what weapon and where. I just didn’t understand it and I never won a game. Not one.

Fast forward to 2013 and I come to my brother’s house to hang out and my niece insists that we play Cluedo. I pretty much remember how the game went but now that I’m older, I all of a sudden found myself understanding the complexities of how the game went. I didn’t have to solve the mystery with just my sheet of paper alone. I learned that you could speed up the process by watching how others played. The game elevated itself beyond the dice rolls and checking off from your list your suspicions. By watching others play and seeing how many cards are shown to them, you can speed up the process immensely.

It was so new to me that the game became so exciting again and it added a whole new layer of bluffing. If the point of the game is to win, and you understand that people are watching how you play as well, then you have to play them as much as you are playing the game.

I don’t know if it is because I know my family pretty well or if my empathy and my ability to notice little details have come into play, but I did particularly well in my return to Cluedo. It was interesting to see how logical my mind is and how well I could figure out how others were playing and if they were playing me.

It was so much fun and I can’t wait to play again, really.


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