Gravity: Brilliant, Intense, Astounding

So, I got to see Gravity by Alfonso Cuaron last Monday and I was blown away by how immensely good it is. Cinema has forever been changed by this movie and it is one of those landmark films that re-imagines the way we conceive movies because technology has really given directors and producers (who can afford it) a chance to make films exactly the way they want to.

I wrote a badly-written review on Juice, and I say that it is badly-written because I couldn’t stop gushing. I couldn’t contain myself and I worked on it twice, trying to find a more objective tone for the piece but I just couldn’t. I loved the film so much that I just bowled over totally on how much I thought it was absolutely one of the best films I’ve ever seen.

Read my review, Gravity: Brilliant, Intense, Astounding here.

"Houston to Sandra... Come down to Earth, you have to pick up your Oscar" (photo from Gravity courtesy of Warner Bros. Philippines)

“Houston to Sandra… Come down to Earth, you have to pick up your Oscar” (photo from Gravity courtesy of Warner Bros. Philippines)

I think Sandra Bullock just won her second Academy Award and I will be horrendously upset if Alfonso Cuaron does not win a Best Director trophy in the next Academy Awards. The movie is just tremendous and shows a brilliant filmmaker with the proper sensibility matched with the technical know-how to put this film together.

Sandra Bullock was exceptional and truly delivered to us in a silver platter, managing a wonderful intense and nuanced performance that is a balanced choreography of facial expressions and breathing. Alfonso Cuaron’s magnificent camerawork was superbly supported by his understanding of sound and a beautiful score by Steven Price.

I swear, I cannot gush enough about this film. It really is one of my favourite films now, safely in the top three, for sure.

Watch it, and if you can, watch it on 3D IMAX for the full experience. A film like this is what 3D technology was developed for. It’s so Alfonso Cuaron can give us Gravity. Watch it when it opens. It’s magnificent.

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