the rainbow straightened his back

for me,

so that I could walk across him

to the other side of the horizon.


the stars fell from the sky

like a rain shower of sparks

and illuminated my path


and the moon smiled at me

and gave me a wink and offered

me a cigar, even though he knew I quit,

but the moon is like that, you know?

always the gallant one, and so generous.


and the clouds parted for me

and cleared the way

and I kept walking forward and pressing on


the comets circled twice above me —

sky circles of fire

like open mouths gasping in awe


the heavenly bodies, for one moment in time,

bowed before me

and forbid me my usual acts of modesty

and handed me the praise and forced me

to accept it with open arms.


“It happened once,” spoke the sun,

a brilliant crown of ultraviolet rays

bursting out in all directions for light years to come,

“Revel in the joy of it and the acknowledgement

of what you can do and what you did.”


And then he blinked, and then it was dark,

like I was covered in a blanket of night,

and then I heard him whisper,

“Now, do it again.”


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