feast then famine then feast again

I was starting to get scared because in the months of June, July, and August; things have been slow. Projects and commissioned work came just in time to pay the bills but never enough to really eliminate any of my debts in a large way. Basically, I’ve just been floating. 

me, wondering what's in store for me on the horizon (from a shot of me back in 2012 or was it 2011)

me, wondering what’s in store for me on the horizon (from a shot of me back in 2012 or was it 2011)

It was a good thing too, because I was not emotionally and psychologically in the right head to do a massive amount of work. I had just changed my living conditions and I was having a hard time adjusting, and I was pissed off about many things that I finally had time to let it settle and work it out in my head. 

I think I was unsuccessful in dealing with the dark thoughts, but it was a good thing I wasn’t swamped with work as it would have suffered, as some of the projects that I had suffered, in terms of submitting on time. Thank goodness I know how to maintain good relationships with the people I work with; I think I was able to salvage my credibility and it seems that they like what I wrote.

And now that I got to see Sonata in a big screen and saw its effect on the people who saw it on the advanced screening; there is a renewed sense of passion and energy that is running through me. And then almost magically, I was contacted by friends that I’ve always wanted to work with and we started talking about projects that we feel passionately about.

And there’s so much that sees available again and the projects are coming. Out of the blue. Just like that. As if the universe knew I wasn’t ready yet to handle all of that and it held back and now that it feels that I can manage again and that I have the heart to throw myself at what I will get into, it’s sending them over in droves.

And I managed to score a job I could really sink my teeth into. Something that involves the environment, building sustainable communities, and promoting tourism in the country. It’s a wonderful opportunity with people who are passionate about preserving the natural beauty and wonders of the country and providing jobs for the people outside of Manila. It’s social development, mixed with environmental conservation, and tourism. It’s my kind of thing, really, and it offers a lot of opportunities for traveling around the country.

working on the set of Sonata (photo by John Gilbert Arceo)

working on the set of Sonata (photo by John Gilbert Arceo)

But first, I have to finish two projects that I have been talking about and still haven’t finished. I’m coming along nicely, albeit slower than my usual speed, but it’s getting done. When I’m finally done with those two pieces, I plan to move on and not look back. I have a whole world of new opportunities waiting for me.

From feast to famine and then feast again. Like the seasons, it comes and goes; a time of plenty, a time of scarcity, and we must learn to live in this ebb and tide of the universe and we will be just fine.

One thought on “feast then famine then feast again

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