we came into the garden,

hatching from a golden egg

and bursting forth a radiant light

from deep within our chest

out into creation.


we were golden in our innocence

and wide-eyed wonder.

everything was new and unfamiliar

and we were beholden

to the wonders of everything.


but like all newborns,

we grew up and learned,

and in that learning

we knew what it meant

to be someone:

leaving our stamps

on every corner of the world.


trees fell and made ways for fountains

and manicured lawns,

buildings rose,

and we punched holes through mountains.

we built fences.

we built monuments to rival

that which was already beautiful

in its inception.


and we looked at each other

and deigned one more superior,

and the rest as beneath us.


and they set barbed wire on the fences

and prevented each other from entering

what we have called ours.

in the learning, we twisted the idea

of possession and held things too tightly.


what once was a garden,

is now a mall.


the brilliance is gone

and the newborns that came after,

feared the world more than they marvelled

at what they saw.


tiny feet crushing the first shells

of the cosmic egg

that bore us into the world;

just swept into a dustpan

and thrown into an incinerator

like garbage.




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