SM Cinemas to only show Filipino films during Sineng Pambansa

The FDCP has announced that only Filipino films will be showing at SM Cinemas during the Sineng Pambansa film festival this coming September 11-17. For one week, 45 malls will only be showing the films showcased at the Sineng Pambansa. That includes the 10 films by the master directors, the feature film of TM Malones, Salvi, newly restored classics Manila sa Kuko ng Liwanag by Lino Brocka and Manuel Conde’s Genghis Khan, and the last film of the late Celso Ad Castillo, Bahay na Lagim.

For one week, these Filipino films will enjoy the absence of foreign competition while being screened in 45 malls where a large majority of the Filipino film audience are wont to frequent. This is a big boost for the Philippine film industry and hopefully will get more viewers to watch Filipino films.

If this year’s Cinemalaya is any indication of where Filipino film is heading, I am hoping that we build and educate the movie-going audiences now to appreciate the width and breadth of our local films and to demand for more variety and to stray from the formula.

Sonata opens in the 2013 Sineng Pambansa at SM cinemas nationwide on September 11-17

Sonata opens in the 2013 Sineng Pambansa at SM cinemas nationwide on September 11-17

I do hope that you can come and choose to see Sonata at the Sineng Pambansa. I must apologise but I think I will be posting a reminder every other day or so right up to the screening because this film means a whole lot to me on so many levels. This is a passion project for so many of the people involved in the film, and while the hard work and dedication that went behind the scenes don’t necessarily make a good film (I think a whole lot of films, if not all, were made with hard work and dedication), we are really proud of what we have accomplished and we are so eager to share with you this piece.

See you at the cinemas!

Read the article from InterAksyon here.

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